Spiritus Law is committed to advancing diversity and inclusion within our firm, community, and the organizations we support. More than 60% of our team is comprised of women, people of color, and other underrepresented groups with many of these individuals serving in leadership roles.  We believe that our quality of our work life is improved and that our legal services are enhanced by recruiting, hiring, and promoting people with diverse gender identities and people of color from different cultures, backgrounds, and ideology.

Our firm belief and commitment to diversity and inclusion supports the foundation of our collaborative spirit and comprehensive approach to problem solving.

Our Commitment to Allyship

Allyship is the ongoing process of supporting and prioritizing social justice, inclusion, and uncompromised equality by a privileged or majority group for the sole purpose of advancing the interests of an oppressed or marginalized group. An ally is someone that is not identified with a marginalized group but actively supports and pursues equality and justice for that group. Anyone can be an ally.  Our team is committed, not only to empowering our underrepresented and marginalized team members, but to empowering and elevating their platforms.  A major step in being an effective ally is to learn and understand the problems impacting your colleagues and how you can benefit those that need and require support. Be an ally!

  • Listen, Learn, & Encourage Dialogue
  • Use Your Voice to Raise Others
  • Bring Others to the Table
  • Do Not Compromise on the Elimination of Biased Exclusion