Do You Have a Game Plan? Avoid Special Event Fumbles During the Big Game!

Do You Have a Game Plan? Avoid Special Event Fumbles During the Big Game!

January 2020

As rabid football fans get ready for Super Bowl Sunday in Sunny South Florida, on-premise vendors have a unique opportunity to draw in the masses and stand out from the crowd with special Super Bowl events!

Before you send out those invites and start posting event details on social media, be sure you check with local and state regulators about any additional permit requirements for your special event.

  • Events that will extend the licensed areas of food or alcohol consumption will generally require modification of existing permits or temporary special permits;
  • The special event permitting process can take several weeks, so if not started already, it may be too late! Be sure to check with local authorities;
  • Any added entertainment, especially live entertainment, may alone trigger additional permitting or special approval requirements;
  • If you are contracting with additional service providers for your special event such as food caterers or food trucks, be sure each vendor is properly licensed and carries any required insurance policies;
  • Lastly, be sure to check with your landlord or property management company on any notice or additional insurance requirements. It is likely you will need landlord consent for special events.

Please contact us as needed for some quick coaching on your special event play!