What Hispanic Heritage Month Means to Spiritus Law

What Hispanic Heritage Month Means to Spiritus Law

October 4, 2022

September 15th to October 15th is National Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM). It is a time to celebrate the diverse Hispanic cultures and contributions to history. 

Hispanic Heritage Month began in 1968 and was originally only a week-long, but it was later expanded to be a month-long celebration. Hispanic Americans celebrate with shows, conferences, festivals, community events, and more. The month also marks the independence of many Latin American countries, such as Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Chile.

How Spiritus Law Celebrates HHM Every Day

Marbet Lewis is a Hispanic female attorney working in the alcohol and hospitality industry. In a male-dominated field and as a minority, she is committed to ensuring that businesses of all kinds practice true diversity and equality so that women and other minorities are afforded the opportunities they deserve, starting with her own firm. 

She left a big law firm to start a firm with her husband in a niche industry: alcohol and hospitality law. Together they foster an environment of true diversity and equal opportunity regardless of color, gender, nationality, sex, or religion. They collaborate as a close-knit team by prioritizing diversity and inclusion throughout the business. Every employee is given the same opportunities and receives training in client management and business development. Spiritus Law provides them with a platform from which to grow their own skill sets and build a career they love. Management respects everyone’s ideas equally and encourages staff members to voice their opinions. 

The team works both remotely and together in an office. They use communications technology to stay connected while promoting a healthy work-life balance. Everyone is only limited by their own motivation and goals. 

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Spiritus Law’s commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace benefits its clients by focusing closely on the project and offering regulatory guidance in a high-risk industry often governed by outdated laws. By allowing each team member the opportunity to share and lead, Spiritus’ clients benefit from the innovation and creativity of the entire team, not just a select few. Everyone is on the same page with the same goals. 

Using equal opportunity as a core value, Spiritus Law uses its collective industry experience and innovation to help shape regulations that affect clients’ businesses. The holistic approach makes the best working relationships inside the office and out and ensures client satisfaction.