What to Expect When You Hire a Lobbyist

What to Expect When You Hire a Lobbyist

October 14, 2022

Companies and organizations should lobby to help educate and encourage lawmakers, regulators, and other government officials to appreciate the perspective of their constituents when it comes to the intricate understanding of an issue. Elected officials mostly have general knowledge on topics and thus often count on lobbyists when learning about more complex matters and determining unintended consequences. This especially is true when it comes to business ownership advocacy and niche industry affairs. When hiring a lobbyist, you can expect to make progress on an issue by finding common ground with lawmakers through successful advocacy strategies. 


Lobbyists are government relations experts. They are your business’ best advocate! They assist lawmakers in clarifying what a specific issue is about, where it comes from, why concerns are framed in certain ways during discussions, and help a lawmaker see both sides of issues. Lobbyists also create and develop relationships with legislative staff members as well as government agencies to assist, learn, and facilitate specific issues that are raised during the advocacy of their clients issues.

The work of a lobbyist far exceeds social meetings— unlike others, they are dedicated to playing the long game. Government relations experts often testify at important committee hearings, continually meet with staff members to give information, and sometimes even assist in drafting legislation. They must focus on small details, but never lose sight of the bigger picture, which sometimes can take years to develop.  Ultimately, the long game can pay off with successful legislation that changes the game for businesses.


Landing a meeting with busy government officials and effectively communicating in a compelling manner is no easy task. Even if constituents do so successfully, keeping the issue a policymaker’s priority and navigating intricate processes to move an agenda is most difficult. Seasoned government affairs representatives can help move through the process much more efficiently. They know key decision-makers, complex procedures, and understand policy history. Lobbyists hold real relationships that take years to develop, with staff and legislators. Hiring one will not only enhance your efforts but build partnerships with lawmakers for many years to come. 

If results are what your business needs, hire a government relations expert. 


When it comes to getting the government to hear your business’ issue, hiring a lobbyist is much more efficient in raising a concerning voice. You can expect to receive invaluable inside knowledge to make your current and future efforts more successful; you can expect to take advantage of the time you save trying to navigate government affairs; and you gain access to the relationships that a lobbyist has created in order to get your issue considered.  All of this combined, will save you money in the long run!!!