How AI can Help Your Bar

How AI can Help Your Bar

November 15, 2022

By Marbet Lewis

The hospitality scene is more competitive than ever before with rising costs and ongoing workforce shortages and wage increases.  However, some hospitality sectors are relying on AI to help balance costs long term.  From robotic hostesses and servers to automatic bartenders, AI is solidifying its place in the service industry.  There are many was AI can help hospitality venue operators overcome recession obstacles.  For example, there are many ways to incorporate AI including robotics, chatbots, smart kiosks, mobile applications, and more.

Here are 3 ways AI can help your bar:

    1. Ordering systems
      • Short on hands? Have patrons order from the table with tablets. Quicker service means happier customers and less back-up in the kitchen.
      • Robotic servers are making their way into restaurants across the U.S.  This helps the humans focus on taking orders and assisting patrons.
      • Automatic bartenders not only speed up the drink line but also help reduce product losses with perfectly measured pours that maximize inventory usage.
    2. Breaking Language Barriers
      • Hiring multi-lingual employees can get complicated given recent labor shortages but AI can help break language barriers with staff and patrons alike.
      • Offering various language options can help attract a wider patron audience
    3. Staff Scheduling & Assistance
      • AI can more effectively and easily track staff working hours to help balance shifts and reduce staff burn-out
      • Even the best of human employees make errors, but AI can help reduce those errors and offer staff a safety net especially when checking IDs or monitoring alcohol consumption.
      • AI also effectively keeps track of inventory such as items that are about to expire and can highlight items that are not being used consistently in effort to reduce inventory costs.
      • Perhaps most importantly, AI can help fill gaps due to staff absences and illness.

Technology will shape the future of bars and restaurants. Modern AI use is not aimed at replacing staff and should not be feared.  The most innovative and useful technology focuses on enhancing and supporting humans at work to offer patrons the best night out.