To-Go Cocktails in Florida are Permanent Now - Marbet Lewis

To-Go Cocktails in Florida are Permanent Now - Marbet Lewis

May 14, 2021

By Matthew Arrojas – Reporter, South Florida Business Journal
May 14, 2021, 2:55pm EDT | LINK TO ARTICLE

An emergency order enacted early in the pandemic to aid struggling restaurants will soon become Florida law.

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill Thursday to allow restaurants to sell to-go cocktails and other alcoholic beverages in perpetuity. The permanent measure only applies to establishments with special food service (SFS) liquor licenses that derive at least 51% of sales from food and nonalcoholic drinks. Businesses with the standard "quota" liquor license must derive at least 60% of sales from food and nonalcoholic drinks.

All alcoholic beverages sold for delivery or takeout must be in closed containers, the bill states.
The law is official July 1.

Craig O'Keefe, managing partner of Delray Beach-based Clique Hospitality, called the law the latest in a string of moves the Florida government has enacted to bolster the restaurant industry.

Clique, previously based in California, manages three restaurants in Delray Beach, as well as eateries in California and Nevada. Neither of those states have passed permanent to-go cocktail laws. Only 10 other states plus Washington, D.C. permanently allow to-go cocktails, while upwards of 30 gave temporary permissions during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This is another great example of how Florida is supporting business owners and giving us every opportunity to be prosperous," O'Keefe said. "It’s giving us another avenue to succeed.”

At Lionfish in Delray Beach, to-go alcohol sales have been minimal, he said. That is because as a high-end dine-in restaurant, most patrons are coming into the restaurant to be seated for an experience.

At Johnnie Brown's, however, the causal eatery is near the beach, so pre-made cocktails are in much larger demand. Still, takeout and delivery make up less than 25% of the eatery's total alcoholic beverage sales each month.

O'Keefe said there is still opportunity to grow those sales at a venue like Johnnie Brown's.

Many alcoholic beverage producers and distributors are selling packaged alcoholic beverages in high volumes to restaurants, as opposed to barrels of pure beer or spirits products, he said. Cans of hard seltzer or bottled cocktails are much easier to prepare and sell through third-party delivery and takeout apps, O'Keefe explained.

Therefore, as these products become more popular and accessible for bars and restaurants, he expects to-go cocktail sales to become a larger part of the restaurant's monthly beverage sales.

“I think with the products now out there, it’s definitely going to increase that percentage… and I think it's going to be an incremental increase," he said.

Marbet Lewis, founding partner at Coral Gables-based Spiritus Law, said because of the SFS license and 51% sales threshold requirement, this new law will have little impact on smaller, mom-and-pop restaurants. Venues must be at least 2,500 square feet to qualify for an SFS license.

"It doesn’t help the little guys as much as larger restaurants," she said. "Also, the alcohol to-go order must include food in the same transaction."

Lewis added that the bill also places a liability risk on restaurant owners, as they are responsible for verifying a delivery driver is at least 21 years old if they use third-party delivery services for to-go alcohol sales.


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