The Happy Hour Show Launches Season 2 Podcast Series

The Happy Hour Show Launches Season 2 Podcast Series


MIAMI – AUGUST 30, 2022 – Spiritus Law, a Florida-based law firm serving clients in the hospitality and alcohol industries, has launched the second season of its podcast show, The Happy Hour Show.  The show is hosted by Spiritus Law attorneys Marbet Lewis, Robert Lewis, and Dominic “Nico” A. Romano. The new season kicked off on August 22nd with its first episode, “The Alcohol industry & What To Expect Coming Out of the Pandemic.” Listeners can access this podcast on Spotify, Buzzsprout, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Podcast Addict, Podchaser, Pocket Casts, and Deezer.

“It’s an exciting time at Spiritus Law!” Said Rob Lewis, Founding Attorney and Team Manager of Spiritus Law. “This new season will serve to navigate listeners in the alcohol and hospitality industry through post-pandemic times and touch on trending subjects within the legal community as well as within our firm.”

The Happy Hour Show launched in February 2021 and has since published 15 episodes. With hundreds of listeners, the new season will feature Spiritus Law attorneys, staff members, and special guests and will aim to guide, motivate, and opinionate listeners in the alcohol, hospitality, entertainment, and real estate industries, as well as other legal practice areas and more.

“With the launch of this new season, we want to bring a database of knowledge to listeners where they can access accurate information about their business needs,” said Marbet Lewis, Founding Attorney and Team Manager of Spiritus Law. “It is a sensitive time where the industry is rebuilding itself in a challenging post-pandemic environment. We found clients often finding misinformation and poor advice online, which inspired us to begin The Happy Hour Show. It will bring listeners valuable guidance and accurate information.”

DISCLAIMER **This show is intended for entertainment purposes only and is not intended as legal advice.


About Spiritus Law:

Spiritus Law is an entrepreneurial regulatory and business law firm focused on the representation of highly regulated industries by offering legal services in the areas of alcohol and tobacco law, federal, state and local regulatory and business licensing, hospitality law and licensing, commercial and residential real estate development, land use and zoning, real estate transactions, government relations, banking and lending, general commercial retail including the retail sale of regulated products and public/private partnership transactions. The Firm is founded on traditional principles of client counseling and teamwork with a cutting-edge twist on regulatory innovation and modern problem-solving. Spiritus Law combines a unique blend of professionals, including attorneys, government consultants, licensing assistants and paralegals to assist its diverse clients. Our modern approach to transparent client representation and employee engagement defines our collaborative spirit and progressive energy.

Core Services:

Primary service areas include: Alcohol Licensing & Regulatory Compliance, Retail & Hospitality Licensing & Permitting, Real Estate Transactions & Commercial Development, Firearms & Security Compliance, Public/Private Infrastructure &Development, Tobacco Product Regulatory Compliance, and Business Transactions & Financial Services. Our firm services an array of highly regulated industries, including alcohol producers, sports teams, hotels, restaurants, theme parks, movie theaters, grocery stores, liquor stores, bars, residential and commercial real estate developers, state agencies, municipal governments, investment firms and individual investors, lending institutions, security service providers, firearms suppliers and more.