Firearms & Security Service Compliance

Leveraging a Distinct Advantage

Spiritus Law utilizes the diverse backgrounds of its professionals to provide compliance guidance relating to firearms, licensing and permitting issues, and security services. Our focus on commercial development requires consideration of unique and high-risk businesses and activities that are associated with the manufacture and sale of firearms, security companies, and related compliance services. At Spiritus Law, we are concerned with public safety and the protection of our community. We utilize our collective regulatory and legal experience to advise firearm retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, and training and recreational shooting facilities on regulatory compliance guidelines and operational protocols that promote best practices.


Practical Advice for Effective Solutions

  • We assist with the preparation and filing of federal firearm license and permit applications with the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (“ATF”), including the importation, wholesale, and retail sale of regulated firearms and explosives.
  • We assist clients with the preparation and filing of firearm and security service license applications with the Florida Department of Agriculture (“DOA”).
  • The Firm provides state regulatory compliance guidance to licensed security companies and security professionals, including defending licensees that are subject to disciplinary action and pending administrative litigation.
  • The Firm’s professionals provide guidance and instruction related to federal firearm compliance audits and inspections.
  • The Spiritus Law team routinely provides regulatory guidance related to the state compliance and regulatory issues related to the statutes, rules, and policies of the DOA
  • The Firm’s professionals have been appointed by the federal courts to assist with the issues related to the disposition of firearms and the liquidation of firearm manufacturers during bankruptcy proceedings.

What’s Trending?

  • Florida’s Department of Agriculture is cracking down on auditing compliance records and making sure security companies maintain current permits and background checks for security personnel.
  • Heightened scrutiny on firearms possession and use of firearms for sporting activities requires that service providers and shooting range facilities employ strict protocols and maintain current internal personnel records.

Highly Focused on High-Risk Industries

  • Represented international security service providers in defense against administrative charges filed by the Florida Department of Agriculture.
  • Assisted in the development of internal protocols and compliance auditing procedures for firearm companies and security service providers.
  • Provided compliance guidance to shooting range operators on required facility permitting issues and potential obstacles, and the creation of operational protocols.
  • Provided license structuring guidance and project planning assistance relating to multi-use operational requirements and issues.
  • Completed land use and zoning analysis for proposed shooting range facilities and assisted with preliminary review of permitting obstacles.
  • Assisted clients with the completion and filing of license and permit applications for firearm importers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers located throughout the state of Florida.
  • Designed operational protocols and provided regulatory compliance guidance for firearm companies.
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Loy A. "Tony" Haynes Regulatory Consultant Teammate, Non-Attorney 305.224.1003

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Anqueisha Jones Senior Licensing Team Paralegal 305.809.8124

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Robert F. Lewis Founding Attorney & Team Manager - Alcohol Industry Group 305.615.1044

Spiritus Law has created pricing and budgeting guidelines designed to provide transparency in our fee structures and efficient cost accounting and planning. 

We understand the importance of cost management, and we continually identify alternative billing structures that can accommodate both large projects involving various service and permitting needs and as well as small focused projects. 

Our vast knowledge in the industry has always allowed us to create a competitive rate structure and alternative fee arrangements. This allows us and our clients to examine and consider the most effective billing method for their project. Our fee arrangements may include any of the following:

  1. Traditional Hourly Billing with monthly invoicing;
  2. Flat Fee per project billing for routine licensing matters;
  3. Monthly retainer billing for ongoing consulting services;
  4. Fee caps for special limited projects; and
  5. Quarterly billing arrangements based on project scope.

Interactive and collaborative client communication is a primary focus of our project management and enables us to promptly identify issues that may increase projected budgets or require the need of additional legal services. We routinely produce work plans so our clients can see what we will be doing in addition to what we are doing.

While each matter and each client’s goals are unique, we strive to identify and streamline standard processes and document requests to ease the burden various regulatory filing processes can impose on your in-house team and reduce the risk of unexpected legal fees.